henry and his mom

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Block B  MVs H.E.R
Q: A winning strategy to stand out on stage?

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  •  T-ara - Happy 5th anniversary 


  •  T-ara - Happy 5th anniversary 

Jooyeon and UEE talking behind cautious Jung-ah's back XD

hyuna on red: 

the color red is meaningful to me. it’s a color that i liked since my debut, and every time that i won #1 on music shows, i was wearing the color red. i get into a good mood when i look at the color red… i think this song (red) was made for me.” -kim hyuna

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vergoldung asked:
ur new avatar is torture hdu

ahhhh i’m so sorry :3333

Book 3 HIATUS!



Nickelodeon have decided to give Korra Book 3 a hiatus. On Friday 25th July there will only be one episode airing instead of the previously announced one hour special. After June 25th, Book 3 will be taking a break. It is currently unknown when Book 3 will resume airing.